About Us

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Precieux Belle is a gift shop that wants to help you celebrate your special moments with your loved ones in the most meaningful way. We tailored our product to capture the most charming and sentimental moments that you want the one in your heart to be aware of. We are different in a way, that we have allowed ourselves to be the channel for the words in your heart and soul to converse from our unique gift.

Allow us to be the vessel that let the special someone in your heart, how much you value and care for them.

We are all about celebrating all the special moments with the Precieux belle in your life.

We also have partnered with leading manufacturers in the United States and the Netherlands to ensure high-quality designs are shipped quickly to customers in US and EU markets.

The United States & Canada Customers:
Production and warehouses are in New Jersey and Florida.

Europe Customers:
Production and warehouse in Amsterdam, Netherlands.